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Results are AMAZING…..up to 8 shades Whiter

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About Us

Prestige Teeth Whitening offers Professional Grade Dental Take Home Teeth Whitening Products to help you brighten your teeth and in turn LOVE YOUR SMILE.

Our products are 100% Natural, FDA Regulated and Health Canada Registered.  We provide the strongest over the counter percentage of Carbamide peroxide available to consumers and the New 5X Power Pro LED Light.

We also offer Professional Clinic Treatments which will give you up to 8 Shades Whiter in 1-1hour session.  Results are Amazing!!

“When you have whiter, more beautiful teeth, you’ll find new reasons to smile.  You’ll look brighter, fresher, more youthful…..people WILL notice!  Confidence is beautiful, so don’t let less-than-perfect teeth hold you back.  It’s time to start loving your smile.  Try Prestige Teeth Whitening TODAY and see the difference BRIGHTER WHITER TEETH will make in your life.”


Professional Teeth Whitening Treatment

Results are AMAZING....up to 8 Shades Whiter in less than an hour with Our Professional Laser Light Treatment.

During the Treatment, our Whitening Technician will ensure that you get the best results.  Our teeth whitening treatment is a relatively pain-free, simple and fast, relaxing method to brighten your smile.

Our Specially formulated dental grade gel is applied to your teeth and an LED light is positioned in front of your mouth to accelerate the progress.

You will be Amazed at the Results.


"I didn't know they would whiten that quickly! This is magic."